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  • Disposable Insulin Syringe

    Disposable Insulin Syringe

    Disoposabel Insulin Syringe has sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only. This disposable insulin syringe applies material for barrel and plunger: Medical grade PP(polypropylene) and natural latex / synthetic rubber (latex free). Graduated scale on the barrel is easy to read. Our disposable sterile syringe has achieved ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, and GMP.

  • 2-Part Disposable Syringe

    2-Part Disposable Syringe

    2-part syringe is our company one of the hot sales products. 2-part syringe is made of barrl, plunger, luer slip or luer lock. The barrel will enough transparent, plunger you can choose the white,transparent, blue , and other colours.

  • 3-Part Disposable Syringes

    3-Part Disposable Syringes

    The plunger of 3-Part Disposable Syringe fits the inside of barrel very well to allow for free and smooth movement. Material for barrel and plunger: Medical grade PP(polypropylene). Material for gasket: Natural latex / Synthetic rubber(latex free). Our 3-Parts Syringe has gaine ISO13485, ISO9001, CE, GMP

  • Syringe with PE and Blister Packing

    Syringe with PE and Blister Packing

    Syringe with PE or Blister packing, they sterilization by EO gas, syringes are sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. syringes with or without needle, you can choose you need needle .